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VAR Staffing understands channel trends and the value of hiring the right person for the right job. Our team works with VARs and MSPs of all sizes, and takes the time to clearly understand your organization’s unique needs.

VAR Staffing’s successful search services are based on a proven and time tested 6 step methodology.  VAR Staffing performs thorough analysis and review of every professional against the requirements of our hiring clients.  Only those possessing both the professional work experience as well as exhibiting the ability to successfully inculcate into a company’s culture are represented. Historically, less than 1 in 5 professionals contacted and reviewed are represented to our clients.

IT Nation 2015 ”State of the IT Channel Talent Market” Survey Results

VAR Staffing attended IT Nation 2015 in Orlando this past November. You can find our blog article and the full report here. We hope you find the information beneficial.