The VAR Staffing Difference

There are few spaces in the Information Technology Industry that is more competitive than the IT Solution Provider community. There is not a more significant avenue for a VAR/MSP to “stand out from the crowd” then having the most talented team. Talent separates you from your competition, but what about your talent acquisition solutions? There are many forums to post jobs and there certainly isn’t a lack of staffing and recruiting firms out there to choose from. So when you need to add the next impact player to your team, why VAR Staffing?

VAR Staffing is passionate about our unique ability to proactively identify and recruit the best talent in the IT Channel community. When a company relies solely on “ad response” as its source for identifying candidates for open positions, it confines its candidate pool to only those potentials that see and respond to the ad. This is both reactive and extremely limiting; it is rare to identify “impactful” talent in such a limited and reactionary campaign. VAR Staffing focuses on just the opposite, proactively hunting the “Chanel-specific talent that makes an impact”.

We have years of measurable results within the VAR community working with solution providers of all sizes in every market in the country. Put simply, we have the intimate knowledge of what makes a VAR tick and our years of successful service to the community has made us the premier talent scout.

Let us show you how we can identify and recruit the talent that makes an impact.