IT Staffing Solutions


 Does your staffing partner truly understand the VAR / MSP business?

The VAR Staffing team recognizes the unique characteristics and skills qualified candidates must possess to be successful in the VAR / MSP space.  Besides the necessary skillset and technical expertise, they must also:

  • Be comfortable and effective speaking with your clients “eyeball to eyeball”.  We understand your employees are the face of your company when in the field.
  • Be comfortable going from different environment to different environment multiple times a day servicing clients.  Not everybody is wired that way; we get it.
  • Understand the VAR / MSP world is not a 9 to 5 engagement, and they must drive issues to resolution, and in a timely manner.
  • Understand it is critical to enter their work into your ticketing system in a timely manner for tracking and invoicing purposes.      

Whether your needs are for direct hire or contract staff for shorter term project engagements, VAR Staffing understands the unique talent acquisition profile of the VAR / MSP Community.