Effective staffing is critical to meeting VAR goals

Because the tech field is constantly evolving, so do the practices and goals of tech companies.

Because the tech field is constantly evolving, so do goals and practices for professionals and companies. According to the VAR Guy blog, companies stand to waste considerable time and monetary resources if their strategy proves ineffective to reaching those objectives. Kendra Lee, author of The Sales Magnet, explains some blind spots that can stifle growth and prevent firms from accomplishing their corporate mission. One of those is relying too heavily on outdated methods of lead generation, while a host of social and web-based opportunities proliferate the industry. 

"What's typically missing from most VARs' demand generation strategy is a focus on achieving what I call 'Recognition ROI,'" she writes for the industry site. "What is Recognition ROI? It's the value you derive from prospective buyers in a particular target market knowing who you are, what you do and why you're valuable."

Lee suggests focusing within target markets, developing excellent content and executing an omni-channel strategy for sales and lead generation. Adjusting VAR strategies to maximize gains in those areas starts with placing the right individual in key team positions. 

Finding professionals who can rise to the occasion of your business' specific VAR goals is critical. On their own, companies may lack the reach or capacity to procure qualified candidates, which can set those goals back a considerable length of time. With a staffing solutions provider, tech firms can implement a strategy that integrates hiring as a means of achieving long-term goals. 

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