If software eats everything…


If software eats everything,
are network engineers on the menu?

It was just too great a title to not copy it, and give credit where credit is due: to Stephen Lawson, Senior U.S. Correspondent working for Computerworld, and originally published April 28, 2017.

Many clients of VAR Staffing receive a fair amount of their revenue providing network design, network support, network administration, etc.  So it got us thinking……………….. just how much revenue is directly related to networking with our VAR / MSP clients?   And further yet, if network related revenue is significantly impacted, could it put some of our clients out of business?

Truth of the matter is, we really don’t know the percentage of network related revenue, but we can provide you with some indirect evidence.  Perhaps you can compare these statistics against your own company’s revenue stream.

Between Jan. 1, 2015 through April 30, 2017, 11.4% of all client job requisitions with VAR Staffing contained the words “network engineer, network administration, network architect, or network support” in the job title.  Additional review of the various positions VAR Staffing serviced over that time frame indicates almost 30% of the jobs were directly network design or network support related.

Whether 11% or 30% is the right number, either way it is a material amount.  And then the obvious hit us………… that is a material amount of VAR Staffing’s business also.  The article just got a bit more interesting to us.

Here is the link to the Computerworld article regarding ideas and discussions held at the Open Networking User Group spring conference recently held in San Francisco.

While VAR Staffing’s technical recruiting services do not have to keep pace with the actual technology changes to network engineering duties, we do have to remain current on the technology trend changes to be relevant to our clients.  So, the challenge remains, but just in a different context.

We wish you great success navigating the always changing, and in some cases turbulent disruptive direction of technology. If increasing your staff or upgrading the quality of technical resources is on your strategic list of goals to accomplish, VAR Staffing welcomes the opportunity to discuss your needs.   Call us at 972-996-0966, or email Ashley at Awilliamson@VARstaffing.com