A look at the in-demand IT skills that the tech sector craves

Mobile development tops a list of IT skills that businesses are seeking in tech talent.

With the way in which technology is evolving, no business wants to be behind in what they are looking for in IT professionals. While it may seem like the right move to seek out individuals who can develop applications for mobile devices, is that skill going to be obsolete in the next year?

CyberCoders analyzed more than 10,000 technology companies to see their hiring requirements in order to compile a list of the most in-demand skills in the tech sector. Leading the charge are mobile development, cloud computing and front-end development. Other skills, like the ability to work with big data, Java, PHP and Linux, also made the list.

In a recent Herald Online article, CEO and Founder of CyberCoders Heidi Golledge, spoke about the results of the survey. She mentioned that individuals who possess these skills are receiving a higher number of job offers than those who don't. Companies need employees to have these skill sets in order to compete in the ever-evolving social, data and mobile workplace.

"This is an incredible time for those who have tech skills or are willing to learn them. Unlike the dot-com bubble of the last decade, our need for continually improving technology is constant due to our improved processes and everyday enjoyment of our smart phones and big data," Golledge said.

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