Big data becoming smart data

VARs and MSPs must ensure they have the right people working for them who can make sense of their clients' big data needs.

We've heard a lot about big data over the past couple of years and most of us know the basic statistics: More digital information has been produced in the past couple of years than in all of history that preceded the big data era. We're also expected to reach astronomical numbers in regards to digital data figures in the coming years. But most people have a misconception about big data. They hear the word big and think it's about the volume of digital information flowing through systems and devices. What it really refers to is smart data, or, how we make sense of massive quantities of information.

Big data is expected to play a crucial role in the immediate future of business technology. According to Gartner, many of 2015's top tech trends will directly relate to big data. For example, advanced pervasive and invisible analytics will have an impact on business operations. This essentially means that any and all devices will have the ability to collect information.

This, of course, has more to do with volume of digital information, but it's a crucial element of the future of big data, and one that companies need to be mindful of. And while data grows, businesses will be smarter about how they manage it because their systems will provide valuable context to information. Contextual data will become one of the major tech trends in the next year, as it will finally take the focus from making data bigger to making it smarter.

"Knowing the user, the location, what they have done in the past, their preferences, social connections and other attributes all become inputs into applications," writes ComputerWorld contributor Patrick Thibodeau. 

Context systems provide insight into data that allows organizations to make more sense of it, but as many companies are still wrapping their heads around the big data concept, they may have to seek out VARs and MSPs that can offer the assistance they need in this area. This puts pressure on those providers to find the best and brightest employees who understand big data and how it fits into the future of business technology. 

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