C# Engineer – Plano, TX

Our innovative client, a software product development firm operating in the remote care management industry and leveraging commercially available wireless health devices, has an immediate need for C# developer.  

Their environment is a progressive, "Silicon Valley Start Up" mentality (although they have been in business over 6 years now).  The software development team operates in an Agile / Scrum development environment with 2 week sprints and an 8 week release cycle.   They are located in Plano, Texas

Experience Background

  • 1 – 4 years software development experience in an Agile development environment
  • Strong fundamentals in C# development in the Microsoft stack
  • Strong problem solving skills and strong communication skills to interact both with other product development specialists, but also the clinical healthcare team
  • Experience in product development where the final product delivery is accomplish in a SaaS model is a desired advantage
  • College degree required.  Any exceptions will be evaluated on a case by case basis

Work Environment

Our client purposefully designed and open office environment for the development team to foster communication and collaboration.  There are NO cubicles or private offices.   The development staff and leadership team sit in an open area, working in small development teams.  They look for professionals who are committed to software development as a career, and look for individuals who are ambitious, have strong communication skills and can clearly interface and articulate their position to other staff members.Curiosity and problem solving skills are highly valued in this company.

Developers actually have 4 desks clustered together to work collaboratively. Development work is diverse.  On one 2 week sprint they may be working on C#, SQL and reporting functions.  On the next sprint they may be working on Javascript and screen UI features, and on the next sprint they may be working on an Android based effort.


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